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Being a Doula during Covid-19

As the enormity of the situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic became apparent, it meant having to make some decisions about how I would continue in my work as a Doula. Very quickly, the families that I had been working with as a Postnatal Doula and I, jointly agreed to cease our contact. This was very …

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The birth that changed me

I get asked sometimes, why I wanted to be a Doula. I was 10 when my youngest brother was born, and I remember clearly, helping my mum sort through the baby clothes as we awaited his arrival. I fed him his bottle, changed him and took him for walks and I had an inkling then …

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Why Doula not Midwife?

I’ve been asked this a few times…if I’m so fascinated, enthralled and passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and baby – why not train to be a midwife? The answer is quite simple – it’s the same reason I worked in education for 12 years but didn’t want to become a teacher. I don’t want …

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