Postnatal Doula Package

Postnatal Doula Services

It may be that you would like additional postnatal support after the initial 2 or 3 that we have already had as part of your Birth Doula Package. If that is the case, then I am happy to continue to work with you as a Postnatal Doula. This means that we would continue to work together, in your home, helping you adjust to life with your new baby. As a Postnatal Doula I offer practical, emotional and physical support.  We tailor your care to suit you, and regularly re-assess how much Postnatal support you would like.

Alternatively, it may be that you have had your baby, and have never worked with a Doula before, but feel you would like a bit of additional support now that your baby is here.

Even better – you may be pregnant and anticipating that prioritising this Postnatal time gives you the best possible chance of navigating the fourth Trimester with optimal support.  As with employing any Doula, I would recommend an initial free, no obligation meeting – to discuss what your needs are and how I may best be able to help. The ways in which we can support are numerous – and personal to you and your requirements. We would work collaboratively together to ensure that you were comfortable.

Happy babies have happy, healthy mums 🙂

Amongst other things, a postnatal Doula can help with;

  • Debriefing your birth experience(s)
  • Supporting feeding, both breast and bottle
  • playing with, including and supporting other siblings/family members
  • light housework/shopping etc
  • emotional support – having someone to talk to and that will listen can be so helpful
  • practical advice – as a Doula, we are trained to ‘signpost’, this means helping people sift through the vast amount of information on offer, to make their own informed decisions.
  • help learning to recognise baby’s cues and trusting your instinct, helping to build your confidence.
  • Enabling you to rest and recover from your birth
  • Offer reassurance and perspective


For Postnatal Doula services, the fee is as follows;

£15 per hour with a minimum 2 hours booked (this is primarily because an hour can feel too rushed, it’s very important to me that you are given the time and space to fully utilise my services). This includes all travel expenses within a 15 mile radius.

You can book daily Postnatal Support, weekly or monthly – whatever best suits your needs. We will regularly discuss whether you would like more or less, and arrange accordingly.