Birth Doula Package

Birth Doula Package.

What you may want from a Doula, might not necessarily fit a ‘package’, but as a starting point, the package listed below is the one I routinely offer. Obviously it can be tweaked to suit you, please just get in touch if you would like to talk about the various options.

Initial Meeting.

This is free and you are under no obligation. It is a chance for us to meet and talk about you and your experiences, and what you would like, for you to gauge whether you think you would be comfortable working with me, and for me to explain a bit about what I do. It is then up to you to decide whether you would like to employ me. Once you have made that decision, and confirmed this with me, I will book you in, and ensure that I don’t take any other clients with similar Estimated Due Dates.

3 Antenatal meetings.

These are opportunities for us to get together (with or without any partner/birth partner/friends or family you may also want with you at the birth) and discuss your pregnancy so far as well as your preferences for birth. We could debrief any previous pregnancy and birth you may have had. These are useful exercises to ascertain what worked well for you, and what is important to you to change. We can also create a comprehensive ‘birth intentions’ plan together, and talk through your options and choices.  If you would like company, or support at midwife/consultant appointments, I’m also happy to attend these where possible. We often look at the physiology of birth, talk about the different stages of labour– and what we might expect. We can also discuss your feeding preferences.  If there are any particular issues you are concerned about, I would help signpost you to relevant information. These meetings are relaxed and informal – and there is nearly always cake involved! It is a time for us to develop our relationship so that you feel fully supported and confident about your birth.  I am always contactable via phone or email alongside this.

On call and support at the birth

I will go ‘on call’ for you from 37 weeks until baby is born. This may mean I’m on call for 6 weeks, and that is fine! If your baby were to arrive early, I would still make every possible effort to be with you. Being on call means that I don’t travel more than an hour from either my home or your intended birth place, so that I can get to you quickly and easily. It means I have childcare plans in place for my own children, a car full of fuel and change for any necessary parking! I have a birth bag that I carry with me, that includes various items I have found useful to have throughout a labour. I have my phone on 24/7 and am contactable any time of day or night. If I am anywhere where my phone signal may be patchy, I will always give you an alternative number to contact me on.

Once you are in labour, and decide you would like me to be with you, I stay with you until baby is born. I don’t usually leave you until you are settled and comfortable, have preferably eaten and had a cup of tea, and baby has had the first feed.

2 Postnatal  meetings

The first postnatal visit is usually within the first week after birth – so that we have the opportunity to quickly work through any issues that may arise and for you to talk through your experiences.  I am happy to support feeding – however you choose to do it, I am also happy to spend time at the family home – helping out where needed. It may be that you would like to have half an hour to walk outside, in which case, I’m more than happy to look after baby. We would check that you are able to rest and recover, and discuss any concerns you may have.

We would then arrange another meeting, to ensure that you were happy with the level of support you were receiving. Again, I am happy to work with you to help out where YOU feel it would be most beneficial. These visits also usually include cake…!

Further Support

It is then up to you whether you would still like support from me in a Postnatal Doula role. I remain contactable if you have any queries or concerns further down the line, but generally I step back after a few postnatal meetings, and leave you to grow and explore parenthood and enjoy your new baby.

Package Fee

The fee for this package is £800, with £300 payable at the beginning (once you confirm and book me) and the remainder to be paid before 37 weeks (this is primarily so that you don’t have to worry about anything else just before/just after giving birth!) I am very happy to agree payment plans if requested – please just ask.