Birth Preparation Support

Birth preparation support

Birth preparation support is an opportunity for people who don’t want a full Doula package, but who would appreciate a one-to-one chance to discuss all their birthing options with an independent, impartial person.

This is available as a one off meeting, and is usually around 2 hours long. Amongst other things, we will look at;

  • The basic physiology of birth and stages of labour
  • Where you would like to give birth
  • Who you would like with you
  • Possible interventions and how you feel about them
  • What your options are
  • Use of artificial hormones
  • Feeding preferences

If there are any particular areas of birth that you would like more details on, perhaps you’re interested in a water birth, or you would like a VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean) then I can also help signpost you to the relevant information.


The fee for this service is £60

There is no obligation to book me as your Doula afterwards – although should you wish to, any fee paid would be deducted from your birth package.